"If a student doesn't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn." - Ignacio Estrada

Everyone learns differently.

We understand that everyone learns differently, but we know everyone can learn. Personalized one on one tutoring gives students the chance to ask questions, clear misconceptions, and not just get through material, but really understand it.

Learning anything is challenging, but when things finally start to make sense, it's an amazing feeling. That feeling is why we teach. We are big believers in practical learning, and we try to instill not just information and knowledge, but the ability to learn. Sometimes the best way to learn is to jump right in!

Toronto Tutor Team is built on two things:

Talented, Relatable Tutors

Not only do we know our stuff, we work hard to prepare. More than that, our tutors are smart, young, and know how to communicate with kids in a way that they understand.

Flexibility and Affordability

We tutor when you need, where you need. In person and online, and always available to help by email or text! Of course we need money to be sustainable, but it's really not about the money.


We like numbers, everything from addition to calculus.


Reading comprehension, grammar, writing. Even Shakespeare.


Energy, forces, kinematics, dynamics, and more. Learn physics from engineers.

Computers and Programming

Microsoft Office? Coding? You got it.

Our Team includes former

Valedictorians, Governer General's Academic Medal recipients, startup founders, writers, computer scientists, Apple iPhone engineers and more!

What really unites us, however, is our passion for learning.

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We are a team of recent graduates from top local university programs.


We've been through the school system, we know how it works.

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We were at the top of our classes in school, because we love to teach and love to learn.

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Most importantly, we know how to communicate and connect with students.

Your first introductory session is always free!

Give us an opportunity to blow you away.

When and Where

It's really more like whenever and wherever. We tutor all over the GTA, both in home and in public places like libraries. We also have great options for online tutoring if you find that more convenient.

As for when: you set the schedule. Morning, afternoon or evening, weekday or weekend, tell us what works best for you and we'll be there.

Another awesome service we offer is free support via text and email. If you have a quick question, just send it over and someone will get back to you within a few hours. It's really the same way friends help each other learn!